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Dr. Shostak received his doctoral degree in Psychology at the University of Virginia in 1977.  From 1977-1978, he was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric and clinical child psychology at the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland.


He was conferred his professional license to practice Clinical Psychology in the State of Virginia in 1980.  During the early 1980’s he was adjunct faculty to the Department of Psychology at the George Mason University, where he taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in abnormal psychology, psychological assessment procedures and childhood development.


Dr. Shostak has maintained a private practice continuously since 1984 in Springfield, Virginia.   Among the professional services provided in his practice include the psychological battery assessment and the provision of a variety of psychological treatment procedures to children, adolescents and adults.  In addition to individual-oriented treatment, he also sees couples and families in need of professional assistance.


He has served as a consultant to a number of hospitals in the Northern Virginia area through the years and has rendered over 6,000 neuropsychological and/or psychological evaluations on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.


Dr. Shostak has testified extensively as an expert witness in connection with a broad array of medico-legal matters, in Federal, State, and County Courts within a number of different jurisdictions in Virginia, Maryland, and in Washington DC.  He has provided considerable forensic-psychological consultation to many attorneys and legal firms as well as to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office in Fairfax, Virginia and to the US Attorney’s office in Washington, DC in matters ranging from child custody, childhood sexual abuse, competency to stand trial, disability matters stemming from neuropsychological and/or psychologically impairing conditions, and in cases involving criminal law, among others.


He is a member of several professional organizations, including the APA, Division 40 of the APA (Neuropsychology) and the National Register of Health Care Providers.  His practice accepts many major insurance carriers.

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